June 2022

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask “Why?”

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask “Why?”

Don’t take everything you hear from a medical/health professional at face value. There are so many people offering services, advice, and information regarding health nowadays. Trust in your doctor, PT, or dietician, etc… it shouldn’t be assumed. Asking a simple “why” when reasoning hasn’t been given is vitally important. As a healthcare consumer, understanding exactly […]

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a woman is tying her shoes on the road.

Tendons Need Load

Tendons need load! People sometimes wonder why tendon pain can linger for VERY LONG periods of time, months to years. They come to me frustrated and confused, wondering why “nothing has worked” and that they’ve “tried everything.” Then I usually ask, “have you tried high-intensity loading?” The answer is usually “no.” Here’s what usually happens

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