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Not All Injuries Require Rest

Rest Isn’t Always The Answer Sustaining an injury can be a frustrating experience, especially when the recommended course of action involves nothing more than rest

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What Is Dry Needling?

What Is Dry Needling? What We Already Know: If you’ve heard someone talk about “needling” or “dry needling,” you may be curious about what it

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Glute Activation: Debunked

Glute Activation: Debunked

Two main myths are debunked here for runners. Glutes don’t “shut off” or need “activation.” Glute Max isn’t as important for running as people think.

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Know Your Pelvic Floor | Youtube thumbnail

Know Your Pelvic Floor

 Video Transcript:Hi! I’m Sam the pelvic floor physical therapist at Up and Running Physical Therapy, and today I wanted to speak to you about

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Tendons Need Load

Tendons need load! People sometimes wonder why tendon pain can linger for VERY LONG periods of time, months to years. They come to me frustrated

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Dr. AJ Cohen

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