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Not All Injuries Require Rest

Not all injuries require rest!

Have you ever seen a medical professional regarding an injury and the dialogue went like this?

“My knee hurts when I run.”

“Looks like your knee joint is overstressed from running.”

“What should I do? I want to keep running if possible.”

“You should probably stop running and rest it for a while.”

* Three weeks later *

“I took two weeks off of running and tried running again, but the pain came back.

“You should probably take more time off of running. Rest more.”

Sometimes rest works, especially when injuries are acute or related to trauma … but rest is definitely not the best course of action in most cases.

When we stop participating in the activity we associate with our injury, body structures get weaker. This can be counterintuitive to getting OVER your injury since most scenarios require stress/load to be applied to the injured area, in the form of strengthening, in order to return to the desired activity pain-free.

The best approach is always an active one. One that incorporates manipulating the desired activity so that it is tolerable, by modifying movements, training, and frequency … all while applying the appropriate rehabilitative loads to injured areas.

This will allow for body structures to maintain their resilience to the desired activity, keeps people uplifted and motivated, and allow for the quickest path to pain-free movement. If a healthcare provider tells you to simply “rest” or “avoid”, without trying alternative routes … think again and maybe find a less lazy healthcare professional to work with.

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