Are You Injured And Struggling To Get Back To Running?

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A Personal Message From Dr. AJ Cohen

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

It’s very common to think that a running injury is nothing and that it will go away on its own. It’s also common to blame it on “stepping awkwardly” or that it’s just something “every runner” suffers from at some point in their life.

If that’s happening to you, you’re definitely not alone, and we hear this type of thing all the time.

In fact, running injuries are one of the most common problems that we see in our clinic!

Take Tamara T. As An Example...

“I started seeing AJ for PT for chronic shin pain. I like how he takes into consideration that people have busy lives and don’t have endless time to do exercises. He gives out small sets of exercises aimed at targeting the muscles necessary to improve an injury and build strength. He also got me on a useful walk/run plan to get back to running safely. I am now working with him as a coach and am learning how to vary my workouts to reduce training boredom, improve my running efficiency, and build strength and speed safely to have longevity in the sport. I am loving it so far and can’t wait for next spring when I am planning on trying my first ultra in over two years. Thanks, AJ!“

Before Coming Into Up And Running PT, Many Of Our Patients Suffering From Pain From Their Running Injuries Are Told…

The Truth About Running Injuries Is:

“At Up And Running PT, We Specialize In Helping Runners and Active Adults In The Fort Collins Area Overcome Injury And Be Stronger Than Ever, Avoiding Unnecessary Time Off, All Without Medications, Injections, Or Surgery.”

How Can Up And Running Help You Get Back To Running?

It can be very confusing to decide exactly what you should do if you have pain with running. You’ve likely heard a lot of options such as…

Here Are A Few Of The Running Injuries We See A Lot In Our Clinic…

When It Comes To Solving Something Serious Like Running Injuries…

You must choose the right provider for your health. Choosing the right provider could mean the difference between unnecessary surgery or depending on medications vs. the ability to stay active naturally.

Getting the “least-invasive”, most natural treatment is VITAL to stop your pain and stiffness and keep your injury from ever returning.

To do that, you have to not just treat the pain, but have a provider who is willing to figure out WHY the pain happened in the first place.

That’s when you’ll get a PERMANENT solution to your problems.

We Offer A Hands-On Approach To Your Wellness Using Our Up And Running 3-Step Method.

a poster with instructions on how to fix a problem.

Step 1:

Find The Real Cause Of Your Pain
We’ll take you through a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll explain what must be done to get you back to full speed and back to the activities you enjoy.


Fix Your Problem Areas
We’ll develop a treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will ultimately allow us to get you stronger, pain-free, and on track to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.


Reach Peak Performance
Once we get you back to exercising pain free, we’ll implement strategies to get you performing at an even higher level than you were prior to your injury. We’ll also implement strategies to “bulletproof” your body to decrease the likelihood of future injuries occurring.

Finally Get Rid Of Your Back Pain And Keep It From Coming Back!

At Up and Running PT we can help you to…

Our best clients are those who are motivated and ready to win back their active lifestyle. (Even if they feel stuck right now!)

You don’t have to sacrifice the activities you love over problems that can be fixed.

Let’s chat about how you can feel like yourself again.

Dr. AJ Cohen

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Up And Running Physical Therapy In Fort Collins, CO...

Klara R.

“AJ and Up and Running Physical Therapy has been a game changer for me. I have spent a lot of time in throughout my 20’s being injured going to PT. AJ has by far been the best PT I have gone to – not only did I make noticeable progress within the first couple of visits, but AJ has helped me reframe what I thought my body is capable of! I would recommend AJ every time.”

Devon B.

“Up and Running Physical Therapy has been, by far, the best physical therapy experience I’ve had. I had been dealing with chronic nerve tension for almost a full year and Dr. AJ treated it in 2 sessions! We talked about performance goals and gave me an arsenal of personal PT exercises and a lifting regimen to keep me healthy and running. His experience, resources, and familiarity with the most up-to-date science on exercise physiology is hard to beat! 11/10 would absolute recommend!! Thanks Dr. AJ!“

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