What Are You Training For?

Even the greatest athletes in the world know they need a coach to succeed.

Our running specialists have worked with all levels from recreational runners, who want to be able to run their first 5K, all the way up to experienced runners who compete in 30K and 100K races.

The best part is, we are runners ourselves, so we really understand what you’re going through and what you need to do for your next race.

Services We Offer:

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Up And Running Physical Therapy In Fort Collins, CO...

Jordan W.

“AJ is a great PT to work with–and my wife is Physical Therapist as well, so I know a couple things 😉 I had an issue with my foot/calf, and AJ quickly diagnosed the issue. He offered helpful exercises that I could do while maintaining my training plan for a trail ultramarathon. It’s great to address the root problem rather than just masking the symptoms. I have no doubt I will utilize his services again, specifically with strength training, dry needling, and/or run coaching. (Hopefully no more injuries for awhile though!) If you are a runner or just an active/adventurous person, I highly recommend Up and Running Physical Therapy.”

Stephanie L.

“As a new runner I signed up for one of AJs coaching programs and Im so so glad I did. AJs approach is evidence based and highly individualized, you will not get a cookie-cutter program with him. Not only did he tailor my training to my exact needs, but more importantly he empowered me as a new runner. For any runners, but especially new runners, if you want to take your training to the next step, avoid and recover from injuries faster, or just simply need a straight forward approach to running, AJ is your guy. I really am proud of where I am as a runner now and you can be confident too, AJ will help you accomplish whatever your goals may be.”

Some Races I’ve Coached Athletes For:

Our Enhanced Plan (Minimum Commitment Of 4 Months) For Run Coaching Includes:

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