Paul F.

“Had some persistent pain that I wasn’t able to get rid of on my own. AJ came highly recommended from the local running community. He worked hard to make sure that I understood the “why” behind the process and helped ensure that the journey was laid out in a straightforward way. I very much appreciated how AJ worked with me to address my goals and make sure I felt supported through the rehab process. I also left feeling like I have the tools to prevent recurrence and be a stronger athlete.”

Jordan W.

“AJ is a great PT to work with–and my wife is Physical Therapist as well, so I know a couple things 😉 I had an issue with my foot/calf, and AJ quickly diagnosed the issue. He offered helpful exercises that I could do while maintaining my training plan for a trail ultramarathon. It’s great to address the root problem rather than just masking the symptoms. I have no doubt I will utilize his services again, specifically with strength training, dry needling, and/or run coaching. (Hopefully no more injuries for awhile though!) If you are a runner or just an active/adventurous person, I highly recommend Up and Running Physical Therapy.“

Stephanie H.

“I am a triathlete who came to the sport because I was constantly injured from running. For the past 12 years I have struggled with knee pain related to IT band problems. I have seen many different physical therapists to try and find relief. Sometimes the pain would get better, but it would never really go away…and I always had to run with knee straps. AJ was able to quickly identify the problem and gave me useful exercises to strengthen areas that are weaker. He helped me make minor changes to my running that have had such a tremendous outcome. I am now able to run pain-free and without straps!! I am beyond grateful to AJ and highly recommend him to anyone struggling with persistent injuries. Thanks to AJ I was able to compete in a triathlon last weekend without using straps to run for the first time ever. Not only did a feel great during the triathlon, I didn’t have to deal with pain after the race. (I also cut off over a minute from my T2 time not having to put knee straps on. That’s for any triathletes out there. 🙂 I am SO excited!! I still have work to do, but I cannot believe how much AJ has helped in such a short period of time. Truly AMAZING!!!”

Christine O.

“For about a year I was struggling with my Achilles while doing ultra races and saw multiple different PTs, who gave different answers to what was wrong. I would do their exercises/stretching they gave, but didn’t notice a difference. When I saw AJ earlier this year, he immediately was able to identify the culprit to what was triggering the pain; Haglunds deformity. He gave me a single exercise to do with a progression. Unlike other PTs, the exercise provided put a good amount of load on the right area of my Achilles and calf muscles. Because of one session with AJ, I was able to tackle three 50 milers in 8 weeks without hiccups and laybacks. Prior to seeing AJ, I doubt this would have been possible. Definitely would recommend AJ to anyone being plagued by an injury.“

Matthew R.

“AJ is a talented and professional PT. He was quickly able to assess the severity of my injury, recommended a proactive approach to recovery, and provided immediate relief through dry needling and e-stim. After his assessment and recommendations I have a much better understanding of the issue and feel comfortable managing my recovery.”

John K.

“I had injured my knee during running. AJ helped put together a plan to not only strengthen my knee but all of the muscles that may be weak that support the knee. He helped me realize how much pain is acceptable to continue to run and when it’s time to take it easy. I was able to strengthen my knee back to 100% without any surgery. AJ has a great approach and thinks outside of the box especially when it comes to runners. I would highly recommend him! Give him a follow on Strava as well, he has a lot motivational posts!“

Chelsea P.

“Highly recommend AJ! I am a long distance/marathon runner and pulled my hamstring and had a run of other injuries (sciatica, meniscus issues, etc.) last year. AJ was a life saver! He gave me exercises to heal my injuries and never told me just to rest (unless if I *really* needed to rest, haha!). Today, I’m back building my mileage up for my next marathon cycle without any pain and couldn’t be more grateful for AJ’s help!”

Matthew B.

“AJ came highly recommended by some of the guys from my gym, and he did not disappoint. Came in with some severe low back pain and very limited mobility, AJ helped me work through my injury without having to give up being active. He gave me tools to help me for years to come and if I’m ever in need of PT I would go right back.“

Joselyne P.

“AJ has been a great resource to help my running – I’ve seen him for a couple of different things over the past several years and it has been helpful every time. AJ clearly has a lot of expertise and I appreciate his dedication to research supported practices in the field – he stays up to date and targets his interventions toward what will be most effective. I also appreciate his knowledge about running dynamics and the fact that (unlike other medical professionals I have seen) he doesn’t just tell me to stop running while my injury heals. Highly recommend!”

Elizabeth J.

“AJ has helped me with several different issues that I have suffered from including plantar fasciitis and back pain. AJ is extremely knowledgeable and is more specialized in running than anyone else out there. He tells you how it is and doesn’t offer “bandaid fixes” for things. He helped me find ways to keep training through injury and eventually get me to a place where I could run sustainably and healthily. AJ really is different from other PTs in the best way possible. I can’t recommend him enough!“

Ashley Z.

“AJ is awesome! After spraining my ankle while running, I reached out to AJ at Up and Running PT to help me recover quickly so I could get back to my training plan for my summer races. Going to a PT who also is a trail runner was extremely helpful, I felt like AJ understood what my goals were and the level I needed to get back to. AJ always took his time with me, listened to my concerns, and gave me helpful advice. I would recommended Up and Running PT to anyone who is seeking an excellent and thorough PT and wants to excel at their running!”

Christie H.

“Working with AJ was great! I’d had 7-8 months of painful running, and was feeling pretty discouraged. He immediately started me on a modified running program with tailored strength training to strengthen specific muscles, and over the course of our five sessions he had me feeling not only physically stronger but mentally more resilient as well. I’m finally back to the point where I’m dreading runs because of the expectation of pain. 100% would recommend (and I wish I’d sought him out sooner).“

Matt W.

“AJ is great to work with and takes the time to talk about what you’re having issues with before he even has you start moving around. He invites questions and provides answers with what current research is showing. Mental health is just as important as physical health and AJ recognizes that and promotes doing things that you think help, so long as they don’t actually do any harm. Overall AJ is easy to work with and is always available for questions.”

Allyson L.

“My experience with AJ at Up and Running was great! I signed up for 5 sessions and my issues were taken care of after 4. The sessions ranged from 30 minutes to 1 hour and I never felt rushed. He listened to details with empathy and helped me get back to running. I also really appreciated his wide array of experience- he had some previous clients with similar issues so he had a good idea of how to help. I’m really happy to be back to running and hiking.“

Kyle M.

“I have been very happy with the medical care I have received from AJ. I have dealt with IT band and foot issues on and off for 4+ years. Since starting with AJ in January 2020, I’ve had the best year of sustained success running. It’s been a good balance of strengthening the right muscle groups, running smarter, and training smarter too. He does a good job of setting you up for reasonable expectations with what running will look like, how to read and react to different levels and types of pain, and does a good job of encouraging and pushing when needed. He is one of the nerdiest people I’ve met, which is a good person to have in the physical therapy field. I always feel he keeps up with the newest research. Everything he told me had science behind it, and he was good at acknowledging when we just don’t know one way or another. I highly recommend this practice.”

Jessica S.

“This review is a long time coming! I worked with AJ earlier in the year after struggling with a calf injury for over 6 months. After my first session with him he gave me a set of exercises to do on my own and a walk/run program to get me back in the swing of things nice and slow. To my amazement, I was able to get back to running rather fast!! I even had a follow up session with him not because I wasn’t getting better, but because I wanted to learn even more exercises that would help me as a runner. I am so thankful for him and because of his help I was able to build up the strength in my tendons and ligaments slowly (because of the run/walk + exercises combo) and by the summer I was running 50 mile weeks consistently without pain. Would recommend AJ to anyone!! He is super knowledgeable and keeps up to date with the data and research in the field. If I ever have any other niggles or pain I wouldn’t hesitate to go to him first.“

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