Dave Seabeck

“I worked with Joey and was really pleased with the experience. Up and Running has a strong reputation in the local running community, and deservedly so. I got personalized exercises with modifications to work on my weak zones. Over a series of appointments I saw growth in my strength and corresponding updates to my assignments based on my available equipment and time. I liked that I could ask all the questions I wanted, get the reasons why the exercises would help, and where to focus my attention when learning new techniques. By my last appointment I had a library of options to continue on my own. Up and Running and Joey certainly left me in a better place and I would recommend them to anyone either coming in with a specific issue or simply looking for areas to improve.”

Joel Smith

“My wife has been seeing Jen for years and is a professional dancer. Jen is incredibly knowledgeable and a master of her craft as a PT. When Jen started working at up and running, I was looking for someone to help take my triathlon andI ultra endurance game up a notch. Jen recommended Joey to me. My experience working with Joey has been nothing but exceptional. This group of PT and staff are super knowledgeable, personable, cool, and make you feel welcome. I totally trust my PT Joey to help keep me safe, injury free, and find imbalances that limit my performance both in sport and daily life! As nurse practitioner and strong believer in physical therapy, I have and will continue to recommend family, friends, and patients to them for everything mentioned above!”

Kathleen Johnson

“I am not a runner, nor consider myself an athlete, but exercise regularly at an aerobic dance class 4x/week. Recently, I experienced shoulder pain and ignored it for several months since it did not greatly impact my daily life, but only when lifting my arms above my head, and especially using weights. I thought it would improve over time, which was not the case. I contacted Dr AJ Cohen, owner of Up and Running, to see if perhaps my issue might be improved with physical therapy. He listened attentively, asked and answered my questions, and set me up with Dr Jen. Dr Jennifer was the perfect PT to see since she has an extensive background treating dancers. She was easy to talk to, attentive, and, after a thorough exam, assured me, with specific exercises (that included videos), I would experience relief- and, with time, full range of movement. I left that day with the information and the confidence that I would improve-and I have. Up and Running does not only meet the needs of runners, specifically, but any active person who has a physical challenge to overcome so they can get “up and running” and back to full health and wellbeing. I am grateful for Up and Running’s friendly staff, quality care, expertise, and a bright and clean clinical setting. I left knowing I was in very good hands with competent and caring professionals. And will not hesitate, nor wait, to seek their help in the future or recommend them to anyone who wants to pursue an active lifestyle.”

Eric Kehoe

“Man does this place rock! I am an avid mountain biker and I used to love running and lifting (spoiler, I do again!). Every year that went by since my late twenties I had increasing pain in my left knee and right hip, eventually getting to the point where I stopped lifting and running. Finally, I decided to go to PT. After searching online I came across Up & Running PT and booked my first trial appointment with Jen. I was blown away that in the first 20 minutes of being there she identified several potential causes for the pain I had been experiencing, all of which were validated by the exercises she prescribed. Within the first week of my exercises and stretches, I could already tell a difference in my pain and knew I was on the right path. Fast-forward to now, my strength is rivaling that of my 24 year old self, but this time no pain under load. I am now able to run again pain-free. I still have days where things feel tight, but with the exercises and knowledge that Jen gave me I feel like the sky is the limit in terms of the progress I can continue to make. Thank you Jen and Up & Running PT for enabling me to get back my activities again pain free, and giving me tools that I can use for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this business to anyone who is serious about PT and getting their active life back!”

Evan Moore

“Stephanie and the team at Up and Running were very helpful and always friendly during my PT visits. The staff members were always in a good mood and seemed genuinely proud and happy to be helping their clients. Up and Running uses the latest technology for communication and workout routines. This made scheduling, workout reminders and accountability easy for me. I’m looking forward to a strong softball season after the progress made utilizing the tools and workouts learnt at Up and Running Physical Therapy!”

Kelly ODonnell

“I brought my young adult daughter to Up and Running for Pelvic floor Therapy with Stephanie Hope. My daughter deals with a lot of chronic pain and Stephanie’s knowledge of my daughter’s conditions and empathy set my daughter at ease right away. Stephanie is an amazing PT and great resource for us. She never makes you feel rushed and takes time to answer all of our questions. We are so grateful to have found her and my daughter looks forward to continuing her therapy work with Stephanie!”

Kimberly deMooy

“I came to up and running pt following an injury and feeling like getting back to baseline was going to be difficult. Joey has been amazing, I have had a structured plan that fits my goals and needs. With his support I have been able to work through my injury safely and get back on my feet. I honestly wish I would have been working with them sooner to build technique and improve my running overall. Through all of this I now feel like I will be coming out stronger despite my recent injury, I can’t thank you enough!”

Chase Ruff

“I had been dealing with knee pain for a few years off and on before visiting Joey Przybyla at Up and Running. The knee pain was affecting my ability to enjoy and advance in my favorite hobby, refereeing soccer. I had quite a few things going on with my knee and Joey was able to design a PT program that helped to strengthen my knee and the surrounding areas which greatly reduced my knee pain to the point where I can trust that my knee will perform when I need it to on the pitch.”

Joselyne P.

“AJ has been a great resource to help my running – I’ve seen him for a couple of different things over the past several years and it has been helpful every time. AJ clearly has a lot of expertise and I appreciate his dedication to research supported practices in the field – he stays up to date and targets his interventions toward what will be most effective. I also appreciate his knowledge about running dynamics and the fact that (unlike other medical professionals I have seen) he doesn’t just tell me to stop running while my injury heals. Highly recommend!”

Elizabeth J.

“AJ has helped me with several different issues that I have suffered from including plantar fasciitis and back pain. AJ is extremely knowledgeable and is more specialized in running than anyone else out there. He tells you how it is and doesn’t offer “bandaid fixes” for things. He helped me find ways to keep training through injury and eventually get me to a place where I could run sustainably and healthily. AJ really is different from other PTs in the best way possible. I can’t recommend him enough!“

Jolan von Plutzner

“UpandRunning PT has been really the best PT experience I’ve had as an endurance athlete over the last few years. Before coming into the clinic, I’d had some pain points for nearly a year that were extremely disruptive in my training as a cyclist and someone who loves to play in the mountains. Especially at the start of this year, I was unable to ride more than 20 minutes without knee pain, which led me to reduce my activity level each week while the pain continued to increase and seriously affect my daily living. In my first session with Jen, she immediately and skillfully identified key problems contributing to my knee pain and gave me the confidence to maintain my usual training load while making fantastic progress in reducing pain/symptoms. In just a month I’ve gone from avoiding using any staircases to completing bike workouts and spending solid days in the mountains! Up and Running PT’s model of active rehab (rather than ‘rest and rest more’) is awesome and so effective – I’m so grateful for Jen for helping me improve so quickly and build strength and skills that will be invaluable long after my pain points have fully resolved.”

Carlee Coleman

“I found myself hobbling into the Up and Running office following months of persistent foot pain. I injured my foot during a trail run race, and after ruling out a stress fracture via X-ray and MRI, I was told that the pain was likely just tendinitis and would resolve with rest. That was not the case. Fast forward four months. After finding myself unable to push the pedals in my car without feeling a sharp pain in my foot, I felt that rest wasn’t helping the issue and that it was time to work with a physical therapist. In my first session with Dr. Jen Wright, she was able to determine what was causing my pain and how to fix it (spoiler: it was cuboid syndrome + overworked peroneal muscles). Four weeks later, I’m back to not only running, but trail running! PAIN FREE! That’s huge, especially given I’d spent four times that length of time impatiently waiting for this injury to heal via rest. Dr. Jen is encouraging, kind, curious, and perceptive, and I’m so glad to be working with her as I resume and work to improve at a sport I love. I cannot recommend Dr. Jen, the Up and Running office, and the physical therapy journey highly enough.”

Cheslawa Dywan

“Came into Up and running with chronic plantar fasciitis that was limiting my ability to exercise much less run. After working with Joey and following the excise plan I now am pain free . He also was able to help me with strength exercises that have helped by balance as well as my over all physical well being. I high recommend giving them a call”

Brian Troutman

“I went to Up and Running Physical Therapy looking for help with lower back pain and stiffness that I had been dealing with for years. It was effecting my mountain bike riding and every day life working at a desk job. I started to see results and improvement within the first two weeks of working with Jen. My day to day pain has improved dramatically and I now have many new tools/exercises/stretches to use going forward to manage and improve my pain.”

Harrison Waala

“I decided to see Joey at Up and Running PT for calf pain that was preventing me from running for a few weeks. I tried various remedies, such as stretching, icing, and resting, but none of them provided long term relief. What drew me to Up and Running PT was their reputation for helping runners. During my very first session, Joey pinpointed the exact muscle causing my calf pain and gave me a list of strengthening and stability exercises to target my weak areas. Over my following sessions, I progressed my exercises, incrementally built up how much I ran, and made some improvements to my running form with Joey’s guidance. Up and Running PT is perfect for injured runners who want to return to running pain-free. My calf pain is gone, and I’m running more much confidently.”

Tori Farrelly

“As a teacher I’ve been dealing with some PF in my foot for over a year now and was tired of it getting in the way of not only my work life, but my hobbies as well. I found Up and Running and was pleasantly surprised with how kind and caring the owner AJ was towards my situation. He matched me up with Joey who did a wonderful job at not only showing me daily exercises I can do to help strength my foot, but also helped me get back to my normal self! I can now start the school year off right and know that if I ever need help again Up and Running will be there every step of the way. Highly recommend if you are even considering physical therapy for your injuries that may be stopping you from doing what you love.”

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