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If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Many women and men in Fort Collins, Colorado suffer unnecessarily because they’re told…

The Truth Is...

At Up And Running PT, We Help Active Adults And Athletes Get Back To Workouts and Sports They Enjoy without surgery, stopping activities they love, or relying on pain medicine. When It Comes To Solving Pelvic Pain, Troubleshooting Urinary and Bowel issues, and Ensuring a COMPLETE Recovery...

You must choose the right provider for your health. If you don’t, you could end up getting surgery (when it could have been avoided), being dependent upon medications or painkillers… or living with steadily worsening symptoms the rest of your life. Our certified pelvic physical therapists manage the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction with cutting-edge exercises that can help to reduce symptoms quickly and increase patient control over their pelvic floor. Please call 970-480-7705 for pelvic physical therapy appointments.

Getting the “least-invasive”, most natural treatment is VITAL to you stopping your leakage and urgency, abdominal separation issues, sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor problems or post-surgical or postpartum hip/back/pelvic pain and keeping it from ever coming back.

Working with a provider who understands that the entire body works together is vital to your recovery. You are more than just your pelvis. We must address changes in the neck/back/diaphragm/core/pelvic floor/pelvis, posture, strength and how we’re using our bodies to fully recover. It’s much, much more than just Kegels!

To ensure a full recovery, we have to not just treat the symptoms. You must have an expert provider who is willing to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and dysfunction. That’s when you’ll get a PERMANENT solution to your pelvic problems.

At Up and Running PT we’ve created a 3 step process to get rid of your pelvic symptoms AND make sure you don’t have to deal with them ever again.


Our medical system is frustrating. You wait weeks, sometimes months, for an appointment, only to get to talk to the doctors for 10 minutes before they have to run to the next patient and you’re left sitting there wondering, “What just happened?”

Even most physical therapy clinics operate this way. They’re not attentive, they’re fast-paced, and your therapist doesn’t have time to learn what goals are important to you, or to work with you one-on-one. That’s why we operate so differently!

And that’s why our first step is to listen to your story.

After successfully working with many people with pelvic issues, we know that no two people are alike. Each person has a different body, a different history, and different types of pain and symptoms.

That is why our first step is to have an open conversation and time for you to tell your story. That way we get a deep understanding of what’s going on not just with your body, but also how it’s impacting your life.


Many people have a diagnosis, or medical term for what’s going on with their body. Maybe their doctor gave it to them, maybe tests showed the diagnosis, or maybe you found it online.
Perhaps you’ve been given the label of Prolapse, Diastasis Recti, Erectile Dysfunction, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Vaginismus or Vulvodynia, Incontinence, Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain or Hip/Back/Pelvic Pain.

You could have been told that your only choice was to rest, take medicine, or give it time.

Sometimes, those things bring temporary relief, but they’re not addressing what CAUSED the problem in the first place.

Every person’s cause of pain or symptoms is different. No one has the exact same problem caused by the exact same thing as another person.

Our goal at Up and Running PT is to find that original cause of your problem, so not only does your pain go away, it STAYS AWAY!


This is when the big transformations occur. We develop a personalized plan that allows you to…

…get back to exercising (yes, even running and jumping!) without fear of pain, stiffness, or bladder control issues coming back.
…be able to play with your kids, lift, and carry them with no problems.
…return to intimacy with your partner without fear of pain or inability to perform.
…get back to your active lifestyle you love (yoga, running, tennis – whatever you love to do!).
…feel strong, confident and even sexy again as your body heals from that Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Separation and recovers its core strength fully.

Logo of up and running physical therapy, featuring blue and black text, with a stylized abstract figure forming part of the "u." below, a pink emblem reads "pelvic health.

Our best clients are those who are motivated and ready to win back their active life. (Even if they feel stuck right now!)

Want to know more about our availability and costs before making any commitment to coming in?

Dr. Stephanie Hope, PT, DPT

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