Know Your Pelvic Floor – Return to Run Postpartum

Video Transcript:

Are you a mom who is looking to get back into running during the postpartum period?

Well, I have 4 really great exercises to give you to help improve your overall lower leg strength and stability to help you get there.

So with all exercises during the postpartum period, we want to make sure that we’re not experiencing any pelvic, low back, or hip pain, that we’re not experiencing any leaking or incontinence, no vaginal or abdominal pressure or heaviness, and definitely no increase in bleeding.

With that being said, the first exercise we are going to do is a single-leg heel raise. You can hold onto something to help with balance. But try to get up as high onto that toe as possible. With all of these single-leg activities, make sure that you are doing them on both the left and right sides.

Exercise number 2 is going to be a single-leg squat. We’re not looking for depth all the way to the floor. We’re just engaging that quad muscle and working on that single leg stability.

Exercise number 3 is going to be a glute bridge.

And the last exercise is a side leg abduction. If you want to make this one more challenging, you can come onto your leg.

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