3 Things To Improve Outcomes With A Running Injury

3 Things To Improve Outcomes With A Running Injury

  1. Minimize time off from running: It’s okay to take a few days off here and there if something is really “reactive” and just needs to calm down, but most of the time there are ways we can keep training but simply modify running to tolerable standards. The longer we rest, the more our tissues get weaker… not just our injured tissues, but also the rest of our running tissues.
  1. Modify your running and monitor your symptoms: The best approach is always an active one. One that incorporates manipulating running so that it is tolerable, by modifying pace, terrain, frequency, etc… This will allow for the tissues (and brain) to maintain their resilience to the desired activity, keeps people uplifted and motivated, and allows for the quickest path to pain-free running.
  1. Start strengthening those tissues! Strengthening the injured tissues directly with slow + heavy exercises will produce the best outcomes. These types of exercises are best for stimulating the adaptation and healing process that needs to occur to get you back to where you need to be (and beyond).
    Some of these things can be tricky to do on your own. This is why it’s extremely important that you get a good running specialist PT in your corner to help guide you!

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