Know Your Pelvic Floor – Return to Running Part 3

Are you a new mom that’s recently postpartum and looking to get back into running?

Well first of all, go back and check out my first video and try those four strength training exercises to increase your lower extremity strength and stability. If you’ve done that and you’re feeling strong, you aren’t having any symptoms, then we want to assess your load management capabilities. Running is a high repetition impact activity, so we want to make sure that your pelvic floor, your abdomen and your legs are able to accept that stress.

The first thing I’d want you to do is to be able to take a thirty minute walk and have no increase in abdominal pain, pelvic pain, hip or low back pain as well as no increase in leaking or bleeding. Once you’ve got that, first step done.

Next thing we want to look at is if you can jog in place. Can you jog for one minute in place with no symptoms? Perfect.

The next thing we want to look at is forward bounding. Can you bound forwards ten times without any symptoms?

The last thing is can you hop 10 times on your left and your right leg without an increase in pain, bleeding or leaking. If not then you may be ready to start a walk run program.

* * *

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