Just Because You’re Exhausted Doesn’t Mean Your Workout Was Effective

Workouts should be catered to your specific goals. There should be a lot more thought that goes into workouts than simply being exhausted.

Workouts need to be specific to:

The movements specific to the goal activity
The muscles and joints specific to the goal activity
The energy system(s) specific to the goal activity
The speed of movement specific to the goal activity

If the goal is simply to burn calories, maybe exhaustion has its place, but even then… workouts can be better catered to weight loss without exhaustion.

We should try to be as efficient with our training as possible, not wasting time or energy on training regimens that don’t suit us.

Sometimes working to exhaustion can be even counterproductive to your fitness goals. For example, if a runner or climber is training high volume resistance training, they might be stimulating muscle hypertrophy, which can result in added weight which would be disadvantageous to their sport-specific training goals.

If you’re working out just to get tired, I challenge you to think a little bit more about what your goals are and if you’re working towards or against them.

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