An Exercise Means Very Little Without Context

In the physical therapy world, people literally make a living giving cookie-cutter exercises to people on instagram, youtube, etc. I’m going to start by saying that I, myself, am also guilty of giving out exercises on instagram/facebook like candy. It’s what’s trendy in the fitness-social media world right now. It grabs attention and gets people moving which is great.

The problem with this is that depending on your goals and desired outcomes, random exercises might not actually help you. I have a business and a job because I don’t just hand out random exercises to my clients. Each program is highly specialized and catered to the individual’s specific needs.

Rehab exercises especially need to be highly specific to address the impairments of the individual. The exercises need to load specific target structures and facilitate movements in a way that that specific person needs.

As healthcare and fitness professionals using these media platforms to reach audiences, it’s vitally important that we either

1) provide context for situations where these exercises are helpful, or

2) provide the exercises simply as a demonstration, explaining that in a given scenario they could be helpful.

If you’re a recipient of these social media exercises, just know that it’s okay to try new exercises and see how they work for you, or if you like them… but know that if you’re truly looking to achieve your goals or deal with a certain injury you may have, I HIGHLY recommend working with a professional to cater to your specific needs. Here at Up and Running PT, we’re happy to help cater your exercise and rehab needs to your specific issues and goals so you get an optimal and timely result.

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