One of the biggest reasons people come to me after their previous rehab attempts have failed is because they haven’t been challenged enough.

Everyone has a starting place, but everyone also has an end goal in mind. Everyone starts at a different spot on the spectrum, but no matter where you are, we need to challenge you otherwise we can’t expect improvement. It’s obvious
what you can’t do, although I might challenge that. Let’s talk about what you CAN do and push the needle from there.

Your rehab program needs to prepare you for the demands of the activity you wish to return to. This is a fact. Passive modalities like massage, dry needling, ice, heat, ultrasound do NOT prepare your body for the stress it
ultimately needs to be able to deal with. Some of these interventions might have their place, but let’s not get into that right now.

In terms of the end goal… a lot of the time “prior level of function” is the goal, and this usually isn’t good enough. Who wants to get back to the point where they got injured? Let’s push it farther.

Do you want to beat around the bush? Waste time with your rehab? Prolong your return to sport? No? Then let’s push it.

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Dr. AJ Cohen

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