Why Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab?

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Dr. Jordan Mather
Co-owner of Clinical Marketer PT

Why Clinical Marketer PT?

At Clinical Marketer PT, we treat our patients like family.

We take pride in the services we offer and care deeply about the success of every client.

We, ourselves, like to participate in a variety of athletic pursuits and have made it our mission to use all the tools possible to help our community live their healthiest, and most fulfilling lives without worrying about injury or surgery.

We know that everyone starts their journey at a different spot, and it is our goal to help them reach their peak potential with their chosen pursuits.

Whether you’re a mom struggling to find time to exercise, a triathlete struggling with knee pain, or a dad wanting to golf and lift without worrying about his shoulder, we’re here to help guide you and empower you to continue your lifestyle without pain or restriction.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Clinical Marketer PT in Wauwatosa, WI

22+ 5-Star Reviews!

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“Drake’s been great! He really takes the time to explain, educate, and instruct. He’s currently helping me through multiple issues I’ve been dealing with for years, and I’ve experienced dramatic improvement in a very short time. He’s taken the time to hear me and develop plans to deal with my issues. This has been my best experience in a medical setting. Way better than the ibuprofen and rest usually prescribed.”

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“Drake was awesome. Had a painful shoulder when bench pressing. He gave me some ways to warm up before my workouts and gave me an alternative way to bench press and still increase strength. Haven’t felt pain in my shoulder since I started working with him. Drake is very knowledgeable in what he does and would definitely recommend him to anybody.”

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“I had injured my shoulder during a workout resulting in loss of motion, inability to lift, and severe pain. Drake worked with me to develop a recovery plan as well as hands on work in the office. The end result is I am back in business and have the knowledge as what to do if this happens again in the future. I fully recommend Peak Pursuit and will return if I have similar issues in the future!”