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Want To Know If We Have Your Dream Job?

Are you a passionate Physical Therapist eager to break free from the ordinary? Tired of high patient loads and longing for a clinic where you can truly make a difference? If you’re enthusiastic, lively, and ready to redefine orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, your calling awaits at Up and Running PT!

About Us

Welcome to Up and Running Physical Therapy, where we’ve transformed the conventional PT experience. Our PTs offer 60-minute treatment sessions, only see around 7 patients per day, and provide the flexibility to make their own schedule. Our clinic is founded on the principles of co-mentorship, a caseload of motivated active adults, runners, and athletes, and minimal documentation requirements. Beyond the clinic, we engage with our community through in-person workshops, sponsor local races, and encourage our team to run and work out alongside our patients. Our ethos is rooted in holistic care, continuous learning, and creating a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

About The Role

As the architect of recovery in the journey back to peak performance, you will:

  • Conduct thorough assessments of active adults, runners, weightlifters, and athletes.
  • Develop personalized treatment plans and administer therapeutic interventions.
  • Educate and empower patients to take an active role in their recovery.
  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible scheduling and a limited patient load, ensuring quality over quantity.

What You Will Need To Be Successful In The Role

To thrive in our clinic, you need:

  • Physical therapy degree and license.
  • Sales experience (or at least willing to learn sales as we will be mentoring)
  • Experience working with active adults and athletes.
  • Proficiency in exercise prescription, strength and conditioning.
  • Motivational interviewing and communication skills, empathy, and self-directed problem-solving skills.

What Makes Up and Running PT A Great Place To Work

Join our team and enjoy:

  • Competitive salary ($76,960 – $110,000/year).
  • Benefits package: continuing education allowance, flexible schedule, health insurance, paid time off, and holidays.
  • Co-mentorship from a passionate team of PTs.
  • A unique caseload focused on active adults, runners, and athletes.
  • An uplifting and inclusive team dynamic with a commitment to continuous learning and a sense of humor.
  • The ability to contribute ideas and opinions, fostering a positive work environment.

Application Process

Ready to join us? Send your resume and cover letter to But wait, there’s more! We will not consider your application unless you submit a 3-5 minute video answering the three questions below. Be authentic and let your enthusiasm shine:

  • Why do you feel like Up and Running PT is a good fit for you?
  • Why do you feel like you’re a good fit for Up and Running PT?
  • Where do you see yourself both personally and professionally in 5 years?

Contact Person: AJ Cohen, Owner, email:

Employee Testimonials

“Up and Running PT has the best staff, the best boss, the best patients, and the best facility and equipment. The volume is very manageable, documentation is minimal and you get to spend real, meaningful time with your patients to make adequate changes to their lives, and (bonus) they are willing to put in the work. This is the job you dream about when you are in PT school – the flexibility to address the whole person and not just the injury they have a referral for, the time to make meaningful reductions in pain and still have time left over adequate loading, and a population that actually wants to be there! I had been wondering if I had chosen the right career in my previous job – and working here confirmed that I had, I just needed the right setting! Working here will make you remember why you love being a physical therapist. There is not a better PT job out there!”

– Sam Greig (Physical Therapist)

“Up and Running PT exceeded all my expectations as a workplace. I’ve found the team to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. AJ, the owner, provides good benefits and is an understanding and fair boss – plus I’ve learned a lot from him! I enjoyed that my days were varied; the role requires sales, face-to-face patient contact and getting up and about to keep the clinic in order. Up and Running clients have been unfailingly polite and easy to engage with; I’ve enjoyed getting to know them and have really felt like a valued member of the team.”

– Alexa Gerlach (Front Desk/ Client Care Specialist)