Golf Injuries

Are you a golfer who is struggling with pain, injury, or want to improve your ability to swing a golf club and play better golf?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place.
We help golfers move better, feel better, and play better. We are golf movement specialists.
The Truth Is...

At Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab, we help golfers get back on the course.

It can be very confusing to decide exactly what you should do if you have pain with golf. You’ve likely heard a lot of options such as…

It’s overwhelming to try to make a decision with all these choices… what will happen if you don’t make the right one?

Most people get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.


Golf Performance Assessment
  1. Player Interview and Injury Review
  2. Flexibility/Mobility Assessment
  3. Strength and Coordination Testing
  4. Carry Distance Diagnostic
  5. Full Body Power Assessment
  6. Prescription of Corrective Action Plan
  7. Doctor’s Report of Findings
Custom Performance Program
After the interview and physical exam, we create and build a fitness program that will improve your mobility, strength, and skill to enhance the efficiency of your swing and keep you on the course without pain.
Build Your Body's Resiliency
Improve how your body holds up through your round by addressing the root cause of your problem to keep you on the course for seasons to come. Leave with the tools to address pain and improve performance long term.

At Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab we’ve created a 3 step process to get rid of your pain AND make sure it doesn’t come back again.

Step #1 - We Want To Listen To Your Story

Our medical system is frustrating. You wait weeks, sometimes months, for an appointment, only to get to talk to the doctors for 10 minutes before they have to run to the next patient and you’re left sitting there wondering, “What just happened?”

Even most physical therapy clinics operate this way. They’re not attentive, they’re fast-paced, and your therapist doesn’t have time to actually touch where you hurt. 

This is why our first step is to listen to your story.

After working with lots of people with golf pain, we know that no two people are alike. Each person has a different body, a different history, and different types of pain

That is why our first step is to have an open conversation and time for you to tell your story. That way we get a deep understanding of what’s going on not just with your body, but also how it’s impacting your life. 

Step #2 - Find Out WHY The Pain With Golf Started

Many people have a diagnosis, or medical term for what’s going on with their body. Maybe their doctor gave it to them, maybe tests showed the diagnosis, or maybe you found it online.

You could have been told that your only choice was to rest, take painkillers, or start thinking about surgery.

Sometimes, those things bring temporary relief, but they’re not addressing what CAUSED the problem in the first place.

Every person’s cause of pain is different. No one has the exact same problem caused by the exact same thing as another person.

Our goal at Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab is to find that original cause of your pain, so not only does your pain go away, it STAYS AWAY! 

During the Golf Performance Assessment, you’ll find out what’s wrong, how long it’s going to take to fix it, and give you peace of mind that your problem can be fixed naturally!

Step #3 - Get Rid Of The Pain & Keep It From Coming Back

This is when the big transformation occurs. We develop a personalized plan that allows you to…

…Get back to golfing without fear of the pain coming back. 
…Be able to get back to your favorite courses
…Get back to your pre-injury golfing 

Our best clients are those who are motivated and ready to win back their active lifestyle. (Even if they feel stuck right now!)

Want to know more about our availability and costs before making any commitment to coming in? 

You dont have to sacrifice the game you love over problems that can be fixed. 

Drake Griggs PT, DPT

Co-Founder of Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab In Taylorsville...

22+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Rene Droese



“This summer, I hurt my back badly.  As an active person who loves to workout, golf, and hike, I chose to go to Peak Pursuit for Physical Therapy because they had a focus on not only getting you healed, but also back to being active.


When I first came in, I had a hard time even walking because of my back.  My physical therapist  worked with me to develop a specialized rehabilitation plan for my injury.  We worked each week to go over my progress, where I was having issues, and progressing through exercises with the goal of getting active again.


This was the most specialized PT that I have ever had and would highly recommend it enough to anyone that has had an injury.  This PT was highly specialized to my injury & my goals.  Also, each session was one-on-one, so all of the time was focused on my progress and my exercises.


Also just to add that everyone working there is super friendly. I am so thankful to her for getting me fully healed and being able to golf, go on walks, and workout again.

healed and being able to golf, go on walks, and workout again.”


- Joseph Gregory

“My physical therapist was extremely helpful and informative. With improper lifting, I had injured my lower back and was struggling with pain. Had tried resting and was avoiding physical activity. After consulting with my physical therapist they taught me the importance of loading, and gave me the tools to get back into weightlifting. My back pain is now completely gone, and I am back to 100% regular activities. I highly recommend Peak Pursuit Performance & Rehab to anyone.”